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Admission Prices
Administration Feedback
Administrators Work on Snow Days?
Automated Phone/Alert Systems
Assistant Principals at Elementary Level
Athletic Interest Survey
Bus Drivers- Are Their Kids Allowed to Ride Route?
Calling Subs- Who is the lucky one with this job?
Carpet Over Asbestos Tile?
Cinders for a Track
Classroom Budgets
Community Strategic Survey
Curriculum Coordinator Salary Survey
Cursive Handwriting Required?
Dock Days- How District Handle Request
Exit Survey for Employees
Exit Survey for Graduating Seniors
Extracurricular Activities on Holidays (specifically MLK Day)
Grading Scales
Gym Use Fees
Homemade or Store Bought Treats?
Job Sharing
Kindergarten Retention
Lunchroom Supervision
Meal Reimbursement Amounts for Staff
Non Certified Sick Day Accumulation
Non Certified on a Snow Day- Come In or Stay Home?
Numbering Outside Doors- Numbers or Letters?
Parent/Family Survey
Parents Visiting Classrooms
PE Classes- Combining Junior High Classes
PE Grades Used in Figuring GPA
Reading Adoptions that Contain RTI Component
Saxon Phonics, Saxon Math, and Shurley English
Secretarial- How Many Students Per Secretary?
Sick Students- How Many Until School is Called Off?
Skyward SIS Peceptions
SmartBoards- Where to Purchase?
Staff Attendance Incentives?
Suspension Appeals
Title I Certification
Vacation Days- What Happens When They are Not Used?
Workshop Days for State Basketball Tournament?