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Anti-Nepotism Policy
Audit RFP
Asbestos Consultants
Copier Bids/RFP
Calendar Information
Website to Calculate Easter
Closed Session Tapes - How to Destroy
Computer Lease vs. Purchase
Community Survey
Construction Manager for Project
Dinner at School Board Convention
403(b) Plans
Fund Balances
Goals for Superintendent
Insurance Bidding
Insurance Consultants
Mowing Bids and Contracts
Pest Management Plan
Real Estate Tax Cycle
Resolutions for Interfund Loans
Risk Management Plan
School Board Meetings- A Citizens Guide
School Board Member Dress Code
School Board Member Training Session Agenda
School Board Member Vacancy Procedures
Tax Levy Explanations
Also see Real
Estate Tax
Cycle Above
Letter to Community
Tort $$$$
TRS 6% Language
Wind Chill Temperature to Cancel School
Working Cash Abolishment Resolution